Noise Day. The indestructible Jain has shaken the gardens of Palud

She gave everything for her last concert in France. The French artist had the festival-goers sit, jump and sing, chaining his acid pop-electro tracks. The public is conquered.

She arrived alone on the big stage of the Festival of Noise. But the French singer knows how to occupy the space. Dressed in her usual blue jumpsuit, Jain stamps, runs and leaps, bringing the festival-goers into her folly.

“I want to see everyone jumper! “ Repeated the artist, tireless. The public moves and she asks for more. Everyone sits and hands in the air, she proposes to dance like a zombie and launches a competition of “ola”. Jain has fun, in communion with his audience.

His titles, all too rhythmic, are linked: Souldier , Oh Man , Alright , or the mythical Come , on the guitar, on which she does not forget to extend the microphone to some festival-goers well placed (or not) in the first ranks . The singer announces, she wants to turn the gardens into a “giant nightclub. “

After an hour and a quarter of show, she concludes on Makeba , with emotion. After four years of touring, this is the last concert of the electro-pop artist in France, who will continue performances in Japan.

She thanks “the best of the public” , completely under her spell.

“It’s a discovery and we are amazed by all its energy! “ Wonder Nicole and Laurent.

“I had already seen it in concert and today it was even better! She’s sending ! “ Exclaims Patricia. She especially appreciated the exchange with the festival-goers. “We get caught up in the game.”

Jain? It was simply Jain-ial.

Source: Noise Day. The indestructible Jain has shaken the gardens of Palud

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