9 Best Chilled Red Wines for Your Wedding 

chilled wineChilled red wine is officially a thing.

If you’re like most of us, you probably prefer your red wine room temperature, not chilled. But unless you’ve tried it straight from the fridge, you might be surprised to learn that some red wines are meant to be sipped this way—seriously! In fact, chilled red wines are officially a “thing” and are catching on more and more.

“It‘s a common belief that red wines should be served at room temperature, but unless the room is a pantry or cellar where it is normally cool and dark, most of our rooms are far too warm,” explains Benita Johnson, sommelier and owner at The Vine Wine Club. “Ideally, wine (all wine except sparkling should be served somewhere 52 and 55 degrees for tasting, but when we are simply enjoying a glass of vino, we typically aren’t looking for the specific flavor profile and nuanced characteristics of wine—we just want it to taste good.” Of course, personal preference reigns, so when choosing wines for your wedding, the most important consideration to make is the menu [ . . . ]

If you are open to and interested in trying out some chilled red wines for your big day, here are the ones that are trending and palate-pleasing, according to sommeliers.

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