5 wines to help you ring in spring

Here are three more examples of outstanding inexpensive Bordeaux from the 2015 and 2016 vintages. And since the weather is finally changing, it’s time to stock up on rosés for the summer.

Chateau Recougne Bordeaux ;Superieur 2015/ Bordeaux, France, $16

This wine is an overachiever. It hails from near the small city of Libourne, adjacent to the appellation of Fronsac, but it tastes as though its sights are set a little farther east in Saint-Emilion. It’s merlot at its best – big and warm, like the feeling of satisfaction you get from a trickle of sweat down your back after a long day and a job well done. Alcohol by volume: 14 percent.Cru Monplaisir Bordeaux Superieur 20152. [ . . . ]

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The Joy of Sharing with Vin de France … for as little as $10!

Wines from Vin de France are ideal for sharing with friends and family. The variety of grapes, colors and styles means there’s always the right bottle for any occasion, from relaxed snacking to special celebrations. Whether you’re enjoying an impromptu picnic or a carefully-planned feast, Vin de France wines always make the moment special.

Happily, these exciting bottles are easy to spot: look for the Vin de France name on the label, along with details of grape varieties and vintage. Everything is crystal-clear, and thanks to wallet-friendly prices, wine lovers get more for their money. [ . . . ]

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