Agnès Bihl returns to the Léo Ferré forum!

We were waiting impatiently: It is at the Léo Ferré forum that  Agnes Bihl will present her new songs on September 28th, 29th, 30th and October 1st at 8:30 pm!

After her cover album Tout fout l’camp, which was released last summer  , Agnès Bihl’s first novel, La vie rêvée des autres, and a successful tour, delighted our ears and our hearts with these four exceptional dates. Following her first five albums filled with engaging and touching lyrics and captivating melodies, we are particularly curious to know what nuggets she has concocted.

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Je t’aime: The Story of French Song

The problem with many music documentaries is that they suffer from over-familiarity. In a bid to appeal to as wide an audience as possible, they end up spreading themselves too thinly on an area already well covered. Viewers tune in and, largely speaking, have their knowledge reaffirmed while they hang around on the off-chance that there may be some newly uncovered archive footage to make their investment worthwhile. There are notable exceptions to this, of course, and generally they crop close on their subject, or as in the case of Je t’aime: The Story of French Song, focus on an area that has been long neglected – indeed by many outside France it has simply been dismissed. […]

Source: Je t’aime: The Story of French Song, BBC Four | The Arts Desk

The centenary of Léo Ferré: the exclusive interview

Born August 24, 1916, Léo Ferré would have been 100 years old this year.In November 1990, before a recital at Déjazet theater, libertarian theater in Paris, the artist gave an interview to two journalists from France 3 Paris, Rouzane Avanissian and Ambroise Perrin. It is this document, remained largely unpublished part to date, that Culturebox exclusively offers.

Paris, November 1990. Once again Leo Ferre is on show at the TLP Déjazet. TLP as Libertarian Theatre in Paris. In this place committed to the Paris scene, it really feels at home. Ferré has published its penultimate album, “The old boys.”

In 1990, let us remember, is the war of Kuwait, Saddam Hussein is the enemy of George Bush before eleven years later that of his son. 1990, in South Africa, the end of apartheid. In France, President Mitterrand began two years before his second term, 100,000 students demonstrate in Paris and Léo Ferré 74 years.

In this first part of the interview he gave on November 9 journalists FR3 Rouzane Avanissian and Ambroise Perrin, he speaks of rebellion, anger, the couple or the great mystery of our existence.
Listen to interview en français : The centenary of Léo Ferré: the exclusive interview