Interview: Tim Dup au top !

Five years ago, through chiseled texts and an electrifying melancholy, the general public discovered his voice! At only 26 years old, he is about to release his third album, “La course folle”. Light, escape and a contagious fury for life. Tim Dup is the guest of Augustin Trapenard.

After having distilled his inspiring and happy melancholy in these two previous opus, he is betting on lightness with La course folle, available on June 11. We talk about voice, but also poetry, piano, desire to dance, Supertramp and Christiane Taubira, with Tim Dup , in Boomerang. 


Interview excerpts

“There is something earthly in the #voice , it is very anchored in the ground, in what we are, in our human gravity. And at the same time, there is something heavenly.”

“I wanted to make music for the stage. The stage is a revelation, a truth, there are no artifices. It eats us or it marries us, there is no middle ground. “

“Words seduced me in college, they allowed me to construct amorous dialectics that overwhelmed me. It became a refuge. Writing that empty, and at the same time it fills: the more you write, the more you live, and the more we live the more we write! “

“My melancholy is fueled by a certain form of worry. But I value this doubt, which is little encouraged today. I think that it allows a more benevolent relationship with the world.”

“In this record, I have the impression of having found something. My voice, and a form of lightness. This dancing enthusiasm goes through the rhythm, and the harmonies. There are perhaps more solar musical colors. “

“There is this sentence of Cocteau which has followed me for years: the time of men is eternity folded.”

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Francis Cabrel: “I have been on the extreme left for a long time”

At 61 years old, Francis Cabrel released “In extremis”, a record which speaks for the most part about the time that flies. The occasion for the hermit of Astaffort to react on the policy and the rumors which run about him.

As every spring, every seven years, a new Cabrel arrives in the bins. “In extremis” (Sony) is a mixture of concerned songs and sentimental refrains. But what is striking about this album, today more than yesterday, is the awareness of the time that flies. Meeting with Francis Cabrel, who came from Astaffort to Paris, to tell the story of the genesis of this disc, to give some explanations of texts, to talk about the career of his daughter Aurélie. And to respond to the rumors that are currently circulating about him. They obviously stunned him.

You are already 61 years old. We are very far from “Petite Marie” …

– I even go on my 62. “Petite Marie”, I was 24 but I had started the song 4 or 5 years before. I wrote my first song when I was 19. Time flies normally, I don’t feel like I’ve wasted my time or that it has gone so quickly.

Time flies is the central theme of your album.

– Yes. First I don’t want to hide it. Then, that’s what concerns me and then it allows me to play down. It is not dizzying. I don’t want to quote anyone, but trying to convince teens that we make interesting songs doesn’t ring a bell, I just want to say who I am at that point in my life. All of my albums, in fact, are photographs, snapshots that show who I am as I write them. Who I was at 24, 27, 31, etc. When I look back, I care about who I was. I don’t want to be fasting.

Why ?

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Interview with Isabelle Adjani (1977)

At 22, the young actress is an international star thanks to her role in “Adèle H” by François Truffaut and has just shot her first film in the United States, “The Driver”.

En Fançais

A 22 ans, la jeune actrice est une star internationale grâce à son rôle dans “Adèle H” de François Truffaut et vient de tourner son premier film aux Etats-Unis, “The Driver”. Avec maturité, éloquence, et naturel, Isabelle Adjani se confie à Christian Defaye sur ses débuts dans “Le petit bougnat”, son passage à la Comédie-Française, les rôles qui l’ont marquée, son travail de comédienne. Cet entretien événement fut exceptionnellement diffusé à 20h20, avant le film de la soirée, le 13 décembre 1977 dans Spécial Cinéma.

Les confidences de Francis Cabrel : “Appartenir aux autres m’embarrasse toujours”


By Yannick Delneste | Google translation

Four years after “In extremis”, the artist released a new album “At the coming dawn”. 13 new songs combining gravity and irony, impeccable ballads and blues-folk. Meeting in Astaffort, on its Lot-et-Garonnaises lands.

The rooms and the courtyard of the former Astaffort school, today the stronghold of the Voix du Sud association that it created, are deserted on October 5. Francis Cabrel came down from his house not far from the village of Lot-et-Garonnais. Before the Parisian promo, first confidences from his biotope on his last baby, “At the coming dawn” which will be released on Friday, October 16.

Francis Cabrel. My meeting with Claude Sicre . He gave me several books on troubadours, “medieval rockstars”. I first said thank you for the nice phrase and read, started working on an entire album on the theme. After five songs, I was no longer moving forward so I gave up the idea of ​​a “Troubadours Project”. There are four left on the disc.

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Reda Caire interview from 1960

Reda Caire interviewé ,il chante accompagné au piano par Max Boyat il chante une nouvelle chanson puis “les beaux dimanches de Printemps”,”si tu reviens”,”jeunesse”.

Filmé le 12 Novembre 1960.désolé pour la qualité de l’image.

Reda Caire interviewed, he sings accompanied on the piano by Max Boyat
he sings a new song then “The beautiful Sundays of Spring”, “If you come back”, “Youth”.

Filmed on November 12, 1960. sorry for the picture quality.