Grand Corps Malade, in acoustic session with the editor (and we offer a new video for Valentine’s Day!) – She

For his sixth album “Plan B” which will be released on February 16, Grand Corps Malade returns with a sharp and mocking style, raw lyrics and in the air, but especially with his voice so serious and recognizable between a thousand … The most famous of the French slameurs is the guest of the editorial team, this wednesday february 14 at 3pm , for an ELLE LIVE acoustic session, to follow on our Facebook page.

And above all, for readers of ELLE, Grand Corps Malade unveils its new music video “Sunday evening” written for his wife and that he will perform this afternoon! Do not miss !

Source: Grand Corps Malade, in acoustic session with the editor (and we offer a new video for Valentine’s Day!) – She

Elle: Empowerment in the Darkness

Elle is the sensational new thriller from Paul Verhoeven, and his first major film in a decade. Starring an outstanding Isabelle Huppert, this French film is not an erotic thriller, like the Dutch director’s infamous Basic Instinct. Instead, it’s a gripping film about a businesswoman’s complex response to being raped. From the opening shot of her cat watching the horrific event unfold, you know you’re in for a typically audacious film from a vastly under-appreciated director.

Verhoeven is best known for directing bombastic sci-fi/action classics like Robocop, Total Recall and Starship Troopers. Rather like the work of Douglas Sirk in the Golden Age of Hollywood, Verhoeven’s films were written off as lowbrow trash in their day, only for their artful, cutting satire to be appreciated later. He creates discomfort in his audience by playing with cinematic elements many take for granted. His incredibly glossy films use deliberately gratuitous sex and violence to comment on the dark undercurrent of both American cinema and society.

Even Showgirls, a popular contender for the worst film ever made, has been re-evaluated by critics and is appreciated by arthouse favourites like Jim Jarmusch and Jacques Rivette.While his last American film, Hollow Man, proved to be a hit, Verhoeven felt his films were losing his personal touch, and that Hollow Man could just as easily have been made by some other director. He retreated to Europe to [ . . . ]

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