Pauline Croze  “Solution”

Dans « Solution », Pauline Croze continue de raconter et de suivre les mouvements de son époque.

2020 was, among other things, the year of Pauline Croze’s return . The artist had indeed followed his album Do nothing , released in 2018, and published three titles, “Humans”, “Kim” and “The world”.

A new clip completes the trilogy and takes a further step towards a new opus. In “Solution”, Pauline continues to tell and follow the movements of her time. His French song is thus dressed in a pop dress more rhythmic and more fashionable.

While her graceful voice recounts, with a touch of irony and subversion, the quest for ultimate happiness, the clip illustrates humans repeating the same gestures over and over. The superb drawings and paintings by Fabienne Wagenaar and Sandrine Stoïanov add character to an already successful piece.

What if mixing the arts was the “Solution” to save “The World” from “Humans” and “Kim” (Jong-Un)?

Source LE CARGO: Pauline Croze – Solution [videos> clips]


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