“A big fat shot in the ass”

In a wide-ranging speech at a campaign rally Saturday 9/20, President Donald Trump ramped up attacks against his opponent, Joe Biden, calling Biden the “dumbest of all candidates,” and went so far as to declare, “maybe I’ll sign an executive order that you cannot have him as your president.”


2 thoughts on ““A big fat shot in the ass”

  1. Is there no end to Trump’s vulgarity? He is a cretin that slinks with the rats in the sewers America! A disgusting excuse for a human being.


  2. Trump is the king of projection. In an interview his thug-turned-snitch lawyer, Michael Cohen, said Trump believes everyone else behaves as he does. He can’t fathom honesty or sacrifice which is why he stands in front of fallen soldiers’ graves and is genuinely puzzled about why they would ever enlist. This idea can be extrapolated to drug injections.


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