The Hunt for the Stinkiest Cheese 

I unleashed six extremely stinky cheeses in my apartment until my nostrils couldn’t take it anymore.

There was no missing the smell, even in the hallway outside. “Whoa,” said more than one person as they stepped into my apartment, most clutching wine for the sake of courage as much as for pairing. I’d assembled these friends (maybe former friends, now) as human guinea pigs with one purpose: To find the very stinkiest cheese. Submitted for our approval were seven assertive, pungent, and occasionally quite freaky creations—provided by Murray’s Cheese and curated by Elizabeth Chubbuck, the Greenwich Village–based cheese purveyor’s senior vice president of sales and marketing and, as far as my nose is concerned, a diabolical dairy-wielding sadist. (A very nice sadist, but still.)

It was one of the first warm days of spring, and a pair of oscillating fans somewhat counterproductively wafted the sinus-charring bouquet from room to room, like Miss Havisham thwacking you in the face with her long-rotten flowers. My normally mild-mannered dog lost her mind, yowling and dancing around the kitchen until someone, anyone, would give her even the smallest morsel of cheese. Oh god, she needs it, just give it to her [ . . . ]

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