Fear and hope

Henry Moore (1898-1986), Refugees, Tyssen Museum, Madrid, detail

Are the two verbs opposed? Given the enormous challenges the world has to face (among other things: the announced death of the planet, the vast migratory movement that is still in its infancy, the destructive identity withdrawal, the new poverty engendered by a type of globalization ), Fear can make us flee, incite us to melt into the mass, to wait and, above all, not to take responsibility. But it can also provoke the opposite. We mobilize, oblige us to understand and analyze the issues, roll up our sleeves and take our responsibilities. More than ever, we are at the juncture between two worlds, the old and the new: there is an urgent need for a return to politics.
Christmas announces peace; It is to be constructed. By refusing that events decide for us, that others think for us. By creating opportunities for reflection, listening to others, questioning, exchanging at the risk of dispute, but benefiting from learning from them and moving forward together, deciding what is to come and living Of hope.
Daniel Duigou / Saint Merry

Source: Fear and hope – Saint-Merry

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