How Kiev became the new Eldorado for French rap

The Ukrainian capital regularly appears in French rap clips. Orelsan, Stromae, Damso … All have ventured on the banks of the Dnieper for one or more videos. Gringe has also chosen Kiev as part of the first clip of his next album.
We took advantage of the shoot to try to understand this craze.

” One more shoot! ” Exclaims a Ukrainian descending from the Marchroutka – these minibuses appeared in eastern countries at the fall of the Eastern bloc – which brings him back to Troieshchyna. In this popular and residential district of Kiev, located on the left bank of the Dnieper, the inhabitants are not surprised even more to see land cameras and technicians down the “panielki”. [ . . . ]

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Chinese Man “Golden Age”

Chinese Man is a French trip-hop band whose influences span the globe. Created in 2004, the Marseille-based group’s eclectic sound blends old school hip-hop, original vocals, and rap with French sensibilities mixed with funk, dub, reggae, and jazz. A collective comprised of Ze Mateo, High Ku, and beatmaker Sly, they sometimes also count among its membership producer Leo Le Bug, Le Yan, Taiwan MC, and MC Youthstar. They have their own record label and a series of EP releases, including their tenth full-length recording, Shikantaza, which was released in early 2017.