Isabelle Legeron Is Leading the Natural Wine Revolution

Isabelle Legeron has big plans for your wine-drinking future. The Frenchwoman from London has highbrow accolades—she was the first woman to receive her Master of Wine in France—but the founder of the RAW Wine Fair, coming to NYC on Sunday and L.A.. the following week, has recently devoted her life to offering up natural wines in low-key spaces. The wines she champions are low-intervention, using grapes from organic or biodynamic farms, natural yeasts in fermentation, and minimal to no additives at bottling. In bringing RAW Wine to both coasts, accompanied by a slew of #rawwineweek events in cities like Austin, Minneapolis, and Durham, Legeron is at the forefront of the natural wine movement that’s now definitively expanded beyond NYC.Legeron launched RAW Natural Wine Fair, a two-day tasting with [ . . . ] More: Isabelle Legeron Is Leading the Natural Wine Revolution | Healthyish | Bon Appetit