Marie Richeux, what movie buff are you? 

Back on France Culture with ‘By Les Temps qui cour’ (which replaces ‘Les Nouvelles Vagues’ since the beginning of the school year), the passionate and thoughtful Marie Richeux also released at the end of August her third book, Climats de France, a rich exploration and poetic of Franco-Algerian relations taking as a point of departure his childhood in a city of Meudon-la-Forêt. We wanted to know which films water this great thirsty for culture.

Three Favorite Films of All Time

King of the Wind and Electric Queens  (2014) by Cédric Dupire and Gaspard Kuentz, a so-called “documentary” experience about a fair in India that never clearly reveals its stake and is so powerful in the electricity of this moment. The Lesser Mantra  (1997) by Fernand Deligny, Josée Manenti and Jean-Pierre Daniel. His film shows, like his books, how to question the way we look at others, and to make this interrogation the very subject of a link (therefore a cinema) is fertile. The Wonders  (2014) Alice Rohrwacher. It is so beautiful. Amongst other things, there is this scene where the two sisters look with concentration at the way the sun settles on the floor and the walls. It is very moving [ . . . ]

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