Whoo-ee! Ride me high

Le chien

I’ve been a fan of Francis Cabrel’s since first hearing Édition Spéciale‘ performed by Cabrel (with hilarious accompaniment from Albert Brooks) in the 1987 film “Broadcast News.”

Here’s a video I pieced together featuring Cabrel’s excellent French cover of Dylan’s “You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere.” Pictured are Linda and I at the 70 AD Roman amphitheatre in Nîmes where we saw Cabrel in concert on 7/22/2016.

Also, there’s lovely Linda kayaking in  Ilse Sur La Sorgue, and dancing in a bike taxi while being pedalled through Paris.

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Kayaking at L’Isle sur la Sorgue

L’Isle Sur La Surgue is a wonderful “island city” at the foot of the Vaucluse plateau. A river surrounds the town, and we kayaked for a few hours, taking a break to swim (the water was tres froid !)

In the video below, we are arriving at the most shallow end of the river, where the water was barely knee-high.

You can hear the song of les ciagles chirping in the background and perhaps a little of Linda singing Thomas Ferson’s “Les Papillons.”


After our paddle, we walked a bit through town (there’s hundreds of antique dealers – fortunately we were driving a tiny Fiat so we could not be tempted.)

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