VIDEO. They move apartments by bicycle: “Cheaper, simple and eco-friendly”


Moving a two-room apartment in Paris by bike is possible. This is what the association Carton Plein does by employing people to reinsert

Three trailers, three bikes, two round trips. Nothing more is needed to move Nicolas’ apartment from the 11th to the 20th arrondissement of Paris. Patiently, Florin and Tony, helped by a third colleague, load into the trailers, a bed, a sofa, a washing machine and more than thirty boxes. Then they wander around the city, making their way on the cycle paths.

Tony is Nigerian, in France since 2013, he has refugee status. Florin comes from Romania, he arrived in France six years ago and multiplied odd jobs before becoming a mover. Both are employed by Carton Plein , a professional integration association specializing in urban bicycle logistics.

“It’s like a Tetris”

For Florin, moving furniture on a bicycle is a bit like “a game of Tetris”. You have to be methodical, find a place for each box, protect them, then transport a boat that can reach 300 kg. To make it a little easier, the movers are equipped with electric bikes.

In all, this day of moving by bike cost Nicolas € 600. A price roughly identical to that of a conventional move in a truck, but without carbon emissions.

A concept born in Montreal

The concept of moving by bicycle, born in Montreal in 2007, has spread in France. As in Rennes where the solidarity cooperative Tout En Vélo has offered equivalent services since 2011. Lille and Grenoble are also among the pioneer cities. In Paris, Carton Plein launched this service in 2015 and remains for the moment the only structure to offer it in the capital.

Moving without carbon emissions

Cargo bikes and trailer bikes, very common in Holland and Denmark, are gradually making their way into the cities of France. More and more deliveries are made with these non-polluting travel objects and craftsmen have abandoned their van for their benefit.

The association Les boxes à vélo , to which Carton Plein adheres, lists all the professionals in the sector with an online map to find the professional closest to your home. It’s up to you if you want to reduce your carbon footprint.

Source: Le Parisien VIDEO. They move apartments by bicycle: “Cheaper, simple and eco-friendly” – Le Parisien