For Christine and the Queens, the arrival of Marine Le Pen in power would be “a disaster”

Interviewed by a British magazine, the singer recently nominated to the Brit Awards expressed her concern about the possibility of a victory of the president of the National Front in the presidential election next May.New darling of the British public since his appointment surprised the Brit Awards alongside Beyoncé, Solange, Sia and Rihanna (no less!), Christine and the Queens, aka Héloïsse Tissier, 28, confided on March 3 the English magazine Evening Standard . The opportunity for British readers to discover the extraordinary course of this young girl from Normale Sup to Mrs. Jojo’s , from the French university to the cabarets queers of London.If Heloise’s progressive moult in “Christine”, her conquest of an identity emancipated from any form of gendered categorization are at the heart of this conversation-river, the young woman also expresses itself at length on political news, confiding in particular Its concern at the rise of populism, in France as in Great Britain or in the United States [ . . . ]

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Interview: Christine and the Queens – from Paris to pop star

Not only am I totally infatuated with the music of Christine and the Queens, every interview I’ve read with Héloïse Letissier leaves me more impressed with Héloïse’s honesty, feminist sensibility, and generous spirit. I especially appreciate the joy she expresses in her dance routines – marvelous!
This Channel 4 interview is an excellent introduction to an important young French artist.
– [ Mike Stevenson / Pas de Merde ]