The Impact of Coronavirus on Paris Restaurants

Coronavirus is changing the lives of people and businesses all around the globe. The hospitality industry, with its razor-thin margins, will be particularly impacted. Nowhere is that more true than in Paris, which has already suffered through a year of “yellow vest” and pension reform strikes and has been relying on the hope of a robust spring and summer in order to survive. After an already challenging year, few have any remaining buffer or savings to help them survive the period of mandatory (and necessary) closure.

The motto of Paris – Fluctuat nec mergitur “tossed by the waves but not sunk” – will be mightily tested in the coming months. We will be sharing the ways in which restaurants and their clients are innovating and trying to stay afloat, showing generosity in the face of uncertainty, and otherwise keeping hope alive. We may also be documenting and mourning some restaurant closures.

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Source: The Impact of Coronavirus on Paris Restaurants – Paris by Mouth

The irresistible rise of Tim Dup

Many predict him a great career. At 21 Tim Dup is the new darling of French song. An artist in singular style and already affirmed that doing now learning of the stage, waiting for a first album in 2017

He was spotted on the internet thanks to its title “TER Centre”. A song about the daily grind of a trip TER between the campaign as he says and Panama. A journey that makes itself between Rambouillet where he lives and the capital where he studied. […]

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Agnes Obel and delicacy delight the Casino de Paris


The Danish singer Agnes Obel unveiled the sophisticated dreamlike melancholy and who lives his third album released last month, “Citizen of glass” on Tuesday night at the Casino de Paris, in a concert that offered beautiful chills.

“When I’m on stage, everything becomes different. I think of her, the public, to myself, fear of the wrong note, the obligation to sing well. All these things come upon me suddenly. The moment becomes an ordeal” […]

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