Leïla and The Koalas “Je me suis fait tout petit” (Georges Brassens)

Leïla and The Koalas

2 thoughts on “Leïla and The Koalas “Je me suis fait tout petit” (Georges Brassens)

  1. I love and applaud your enthusiasm for French music, but this version of “Je me suis fait tout petit” sucks. Poor Brassens is turning over in his grave in Sète! He was an incomparable genius and just because some clueless bobo, regardless of her good intentions, decides to do a cover doesn’t mean you need to promote it. But, hey, it’s your blog so you’re entitled to erase the “pas de” from your cyber identity.Americans often say, “Shit happens!”
    This being said, I appreciate your efforts and will continue reading your posts with great pleasure.
    Pierre Etienne
    La Rochelle, France and Los Angeles


    1. Thanks for post, Pierre. What I hope to “promote” are musical discussions such as this! I do love most of the artists/songs that I post on Pas de Merde – but some posts are of music relatively new to me. I much prefer Pomme to Leila and the Koalas, and agree that Brassens should be covered with respect. Today’s music post is “The Princess and the Troubadour ” performed by Pierre de Gaillande singing the Brassens’ tune with his English translation. What do you think?


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