Comme une Française: French Pronunciation Fundamentals

With these go-to French phrases, you’ll be able to spontaneously congratulate anybody in French (without awkwardly using “Bien Fait”). 💾 Read, save and/or print the full written lesson here (free):… 🎓 Join my Everyday French crash course (free):… There are plenty of situations where you might want to spontaneously congratulate a French-speaking friend, neighbor, or family member. And while your instinct may be to say “Bien Fait”… this is very wrong, and your good intentions may be misinterpreted as an insult. To help you avoid this awkward situation, in today’s video I’ll introduce you to some more appropriate ways to congratulate someone in French. Let’s see how many you can memorize, so that you always have a go-to expression for whenever something wonderful happens!

Take care and stay safe. 😘 from Grenoble, France. Géraldine


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