Birds on a Wire at the Olympia: the planetary song tour of a prodigious duo

Le duo formé par Rosemary Standley et Dom La Nena en 2011 s’abreuve à la source des répertoires les plus variés, des hymnes tropicalistes aux standards arabes en passant par le folklore sud-américain. Un florilège à découvrir ce jeudi 30 septembre sur la scène de l’Olympia.

[Google English Translation]

The volatile imagination and the tightrope walker voice, these two are like a bird on the branch, always on the edge, quick to take the first breeze to migrate at wing speed to another continent. Rosemary Standley, Franco-American, and Dom La Nena, of Brazilian origin, took off in tandem within Birds on a Wire in 2011 and have been drinking from the most varied repertoires ever since.

When they met, the emblematic singer of the Franco-American folk group Moriarty was already multiplying crossover projects, in cabaret or lyric singing, with the choir of Laurence Équilbey: “After all these years of touring with Moriarty, I wanted to go towards something more minimal, which highlights a solo instrumentalist, ”she says. Sonia Bester, miracle worker from the Madamelune company, then suggested the name of Dom La Nena, a young cellist raised between Argentina and France, a talent hatched under the wing of Piers Faccini and seen on stage with Jane Birkin , Jeanne Moreau, Camille or Étienne Daho. [ . . . ]

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