“After the Gray Hours”, a new album for Pauline Croze

The singer announces a new album with multiple faces, expected on October 8, with a cover illustrated by Joann Sfar.

What a long way since his concert at the Transmusicales de Rennes in 2003 with the songs from his first disc arranged by Edith Fambuena from the group Les Valentins The first parts of Miossec, M, Bernard Lavilliers, Lhasa followed Today Pauline Croze announces a sixth album marked by health restrictions, where she takes on several roles Refined in March 2020 and already unveiled, the title Solution co – written with Anne Claverie, whose voice was recorded in a wooden cabinet, will be there Directed by Claire Sichez, it exposes the theme of a “fragmented society which stubbornly seeks how to finally achieve happiness “:

What drives her, Pauline, is trying to provoke physical sensations with a feeling of lightness, even if it is to highlight the violence of the world .

I needed the risk, to shake up the substance as much as the form, to be tested ” .

To be free, the author – composer – singer and guitarist founded his own label, which allows it to work on the same disc, with several young directors inspired We  will find on the latter beautiful collaborations with Nk Damso, Orelsan , Romain Guerret Aline, Alex Rossi , Charlie Trimbur Eddy de Pretto and Pierrick Devin Phoenix, Lomepal Attraction and repulsion emerge, not without irony, from the title Kim, composed with his accomplice Romain Guerret for the North Korean dictator, on a clip directed by Anne Horel:

Whether she writes alone in pairs, Pauline Croze sings her whole being She mixes the pop of her beginnings with very current urban sounds and her swaying rhythms carry chiseled lyrics that transcend emotions with fragility and conviction It is the designer, novelist, director, screenwriter and above all the creator of the Rabbi’s Cat comic who signs the album cover:

Pauline Croze - After the Gray Hours - Cover by Joann Sfar
Pauline Croze – After the Gray Hours – Cover by Joann Sfar

After the Gray Hours is released on October 8 at Argentic / Capitol and Pauline Croze will shoot throughout the season 21 – 22, with a Parisian date at the Stars on November 17, 2021 .


Source: “After the Gray Hours”, a new album for Pauline Croze


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