Chilly Gonzales live performance FM4

A favovite of Monsieur Pas de Merde, here is the wonderful Chilly Gonzales performing a session from 2018

0:00:42 Pretenderness 0:05:00 Famous Hungarians 0:08:27 Chico 0:10:37 Nimbus 0:13:44 Prelude in C Sharp Major 0:16:30 Present Tense 0:19:51 Kenaston 0:22:44 Rideaux Lunaires 0:32:56 Be Natural 0:36:44 Oregano 0:43:51 Cello Gonzales 0:48:16 Dot 0:52:57 October 3rd 0:56:43 Kopfkino 1:04:30 Why don’t we disappear 1:11:30 Smells like Teen spirit / Hit me baby one more time 1:12:03 White Keys 1:14:59 Advantage Points 1:20:07 Knight Moves 1:30:42 Thriller Impromtu 1:34:29 So-Called Party Over There


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