Coronavirus: partial activity maintained until December in the tourism sector

“Professionals need long-term support,” said the Secretary of State for Tourism, announcing that recourse to partial unemployment, scheduled until September, would be extended.

In France, the epidemic Covid-19 has already killed 19,708 people in French hospitals, according to data provided by Public Health France. To which must be added the 10,515 deaths recorded in nursing homes and other medico-social centers, the data of which have been gradually raised since the beginning of April. The number of home deaths linked to this epidemic is difficult to calculate and is not yet known. But Olivier Véran, the Minister of Health, declared that this figure would be the subject of first estimates “in June” .

The number of recoveries displayed here corresponds to the returns home of people hospitalized for Covid-19. It does not include people who have been infected and who are cured at home, which is difficult to quantify.

The partial activity mechanism set up for the tourism sector will be extended until the end of 2020, announced Wednesday, July 29, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne. Invited on France Info, the Secretary of State for Tourism indicated that the exact modalities of this four-month extension remained to be defined.

Introduced during confinement, this recourse to partial unemployment – both terms are used, but the partial activity does not imply registration with Pôle Emploi and is therefore not considered to be unemployment – had been put in place to help certain sectors to cope with the stoppage or decline in their activity [ . . . ]

Continue at Le MONDE: Coronavirus: partial activity maintained until December in the tourism sector


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