Pandemic? Check. UFO? Check. Raining frogs…?

The U.S. Pentagon had declassified three previously leaked top secret U.S. Navy videos of “unexplained aerial phenomena”—and that some believe could show UFOs.

Exodus 8, Then Jehovah said to Moses: “Go in to Pharʹaoh and say to him, ‘This is what Jehovah says: “Send my people away so that they may serve me. 2 If you keep refusing to send them away, I will plague all your territory with frogs. 3 And the Nile River will swarm with frogs, and they will come up and enter into your house, into your bedroom, on your bed, into the houses of your servants and on your people, into your ovens, and into your kneading troughs. 4 On you, on your people, and on all your servants, the frogs will come up.”’”

Jehovah later said to Moses: “Say to Aaron, ‘Stretch out your hand with your rod over the rivers, the Nile canals, and the marshes, and make the frogs come up over the land of Egypt.’” 6 So Aaron stretched out his hand over the waters of Egypt, and the frogs began to come up and to cover the land of Egypt. 7 However, the magic-practicing priests did the same thing by their secret arts, and they too made the frogs come up over the land of Egypt. 8 Pharʹaoh then called Moses and Aaron and said: “Plead with Jehovah to remove the frogs from me and my people, as I want to send the people away so that they may sacrifice to Jehovah.” 9 Then Moses said to Pharʹaoh: “I leave to you the honor of telling me when I should plead to have the frogs removed from you, your servants, your people, and your houses. Only in the Nile River will they be left.” 10 To this he said: “Tomorrow.” So he said: “It will be according to your word so that you may know that there is no one else like Jehovah our God. 11 The frogs will depart from you, your houses, your servants, and your people. They will be left only in the Nile.”

So, ya know … I guess there’s that. – M. Pas de Merde


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