Coronavirus in France: 441 new deaths in hospital, more than 7,500 dead in total

Friday evening, the official toll of the victims of Covid-19 recorded 441 new deaths in 24 hours in a hospital environment.

Encouraging signals. According to the assessment communicated Saturday evening by the general direction of Health, the Hexagon deplores 441 additional deaths linked to the coronavirus, in 24 hours, in hospitals.

This figure seems to be part of a downward trend observed in recent days, despite a new peak recorded on Friday with 588 additional deaths . Since the start of the epidemic, 5,532 patients with Covid-19 have died in hospitals.

But in his point, the Director General of Health, Jérôme Salomon, now includes the death figures in the Ehpad, although these data remain incomplete for the time being. By integrating the 2,028 deaths recorded in these medical structures for the elderly, the toll of the Covid-19 climbs to 7,560 victims.

Over 15,000 patients cured

To date, 28,143 people have also been hospitalized, compared to 27,432 the previous day. Almost 711 additional people admitted in the past 24 hours. And more than 6,838 people are in intensive care. Or 502 new cases requiring admission in recent hours, against 641 the day before.

Nevertheless, patients were able to be transferred out of these services reserved for the most serious forms of respiratory failure. Taking these trips into account, 176 additional beds had to be used for contaminated patients.

The government’s “Monsieur Coronavirus”, Jérôme Salomon, is also delighted to count 15,438 patients discharged from hospital throughout France since the start of the crisis, 1430 more than the day before.

Source: Coronavirus in France: 441 new deaths in hospital, more than 7,500 deaths in total – Le Parisien


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