Did you know ? Francis Cabrel founded his own association!

In addition to being a well-known singer-songwriter in France, Francis Cabrel is a committed artist! He has also created his own association: Voix du Sud. What is it?

It was in 1994 that Francis Cabrel, idol of French song, founded the association Voix du Sud. The interpreter of “The ink of your eyes” is today the honorary president. This association offers different courses: “Labo songs I and II”, “Rencontres Repertoires / The author and his text” or “Writing à la carte”.

La Voix du Sud, an association that puts music in the spotlight!

Each year, Francis Cabrel chairs an internship organized by the association Voix du Sud: the “Astaffort meetings”. This event lasts ten days: it is an opportunity for about fifteen trainees to meet authors, composers and performers. Moments of research and creation emanate from this initiative! The interpreter of “Je rêve” is accompanied by a “Godfather” who is also a reference of the French song. Examples include Michel Jonasz, Thomas Dutronc, Zaho, etc. Two young talents are named winners and win a scholarship!

Source: Did you know ? Francis Cabrel founded his own association! – Darling FM


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