Pomme, the aspiring singer who goes up

A 23 ans, l’artiste défend en tournée « Les Failles », son enthousiasmant deuxième opus, en lice pour un prix dans la catégorie « Album révélation » aux Victoires de la musique, vendredi .

The early bird woke up at noon. The day before, Monday, January 27, the well-deserved celebration continued late after the first triumph of three Apple concerts in the Parisian hall of La Cigale (before February 28 and April 9, all sold out), accompanied by his news instrumentalists, Clémence Lasme (bass and keyboards) and Caroline Geryl (drums and percussion). Little excess – Claire Pommet, 23, does not drink alcohol – but a lot of friends and laughs to prolong emotions “so strong that I have the impression that a truck drove me on the head ” , laughs the singer, seated at the Edith Piaf bar, close to her little two-room apartment, in the 20 th arrondissement of Paris.

The truck is not ready to stop. Nearly a hundred other concerts should punctuate 2020, in the wake of an exciting second opus, Les Failles , published in November 2019 (and recently reissued, supplemented by five unreleased, under the name Les Failles cachées ), including l shivering acoustics will perhaps win him a Victoire de la musique, Friday, February 14, in the category “Revelation album”. [ . . . ]

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