Group to follow: the spellbinding folk-rock in chiaroscuro by Noir Audio 

Noir Audio, Toulouse’s burgeoning quartet distilling an intoxicating dream music between indie rock and folk.

[GOOGLE TRANSLATION] Formed by Alice Blazutti (vocals, guitar), Louisa Bénâtre (drums), Bettina Bordes (bass) and Anthony Hérigny (guitar), all four very active in the music scene in Toulouse for several years, Noir Audio started on the pulse Alice Blazutti and Louisa Bénâtre. The original songwriter and composer of the band first gave voice, guitar and even ukulele in This Silly Thing , a country-folk-oriented project, while the latter sang and played various instruments in Alone With Everybody. , pop-folk duo led with his brother Camille.

” Alice and I met in 2016-2017 , says Louisa Bénâtre, who is the spokesperson for the group. We started to make music in duo and then we wanted to expand the training and build a real band-guitar-bass-drums configuration to give a more rock tone to the project. We tried with several people before arriving at the current line-up of Noir Audio, with Bettina on bass and Anthony on guitar. 

A promising first record

In August 2017, the first untitled recording of Noir Audio is online. Although presented as an EP, it contains ten pieces in a minimalist folk-rock vein, all being signed by Alice Blazutti and interpreted mainly by her. Bearer of promises despite a little tight, this (broad) introductory EP is thus more like a solo disc serving as a business card for the group in gestation and basic work for the future. Hangs in particular the Ear Sleepless Nights, Useless Fights , captivating ballad, both dragging and scathing, illustrated by a nice clip in the lynchian atmosphere.

Stabilized for a few months in its current configuration, Noir Audio has just released its first EP . Entitled Sentimental Girl , he comes out on cassette and digital at Lunadélia Records, a young Toulouse label whose catalog includes Laure Briard and Thomas Pradier.

The energy of the live

” We recorded the EP last July at Food, a small Toulouse studio ridden by a friend of ours, Thomas Juvé , said Louisa Benâtre. Thomas made the sound for the first concert we gave with Noir Audio – in the band’s current band – and we loved what he did. He immediately understood the spirit of our music. Therefore, recording with him seemed obvious to us. We recorded live because we really wanted to transcribe the energy of the live, to transmit the adrenaline of its own. 

In fact, the four songs included in the EP reveal a real cohesion and a beautiful group dynamic, conveying a musical universe already very strong. ” Now, we work more collectively for the composition of music, starting from small themes that we all develop together, ” said Louisa Benâtre.

Superb dreamlike cavalcade in chiaroscuro, terribly addictive from the first listening, the title track is not only the longest (almost five minutes) but also the most memorable EP. But it should not overshadow the other three: Play a Little More With You , alert and catchy, Never Coming Back, half-jolly half-disenchanted, and When You’re Asleepmelodious and nervous. Very seductive and impeccably highlighted by the production, the whole floats with great elegance and presence between indie rock and folk, slight country inflections appearing here and there. Among his major influences, the group quotes Big Thief, Courtney Barnett and Patsy Cline – but we also think, for example, Molly Burch and Throwing Muses.

Having just made a tour to promote the EP, developing its repertoire, Black Audio is becoming stronger and stronger. New songs are currently being created, an album should arrive sooner or later. The future looks pretty good.

Source: Group to follow: the spellbinding folk-rock in chiaroscuro by Noir Audio – Les Inrocks

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