Thomas Fersen: all he has left is his slip!

The light-hearted storyteller returns with his rabbit skin on his head and a small wonder under his arm: a twelfth album carried by beautiful acoustic orchestrations, where teenage and love stories intertwine and some animals , obviously.

The 56-year-old singer-songwriter, himself an unparalleled theatrical character, takes us on new paths thanks to his always fertile imagination, in the service of a word as brilliant as wacky.

For this new album, Thomas Fersen trades the string quartet of the precedent A stroke of cow tail against other acoustic sonorities, including that of ukulele, sitar and especially the banjo. The instrumentation, enhanced by keyboards and used with great sobriety, adds to the magic of his dream world and his mastery of rhyme.

Animals, old and troubled waters

This walk in the land of Fersen promises a beautiful moment of reverie as well as unusual encounters. Who else would start his record with a declaration of love to the old (except The Three Agreements and their success I love your grandmother)? Or, imagine a fight between King Kong and T-Rex at the Grand Rex?

With his usual derision and a touch of nonchalance, the non-conformist declares in his first excerpt that all he has left is his slip! And that the zombies of the cemetery that pursue him do not find their hole. Hilarious, for young and old! And nobody had rhymed “tomato” and “automaton” since Luc Plamondon.

Speaking of humor, it takes to titrate a song Eat my lice. A title repulsing for a children’s song with Cajun colors, where there is still talk of monkeys. Then there is the teenager My parents are not there , who takes advantage of the absence of his parents to invite a school girlfriend, with the excuse of helping him in math. But behind the perky tunes and bouncy rhythms, so much tenderness.

In The real problem , the fanciful poet tells us casually about his love story botched with a billionaire (The disadvantage is his fortune / She wants to pay for the restaurant all the time / For me who have never a thune / Who always puts the same coat).

That’s all I have left might be tearing some people away, because Fersen dares a beautiful song – almost deadly – of more than 10 minutes, The Pond . In his bath he tells of the troubled waters in which his mother was so afraid that he would sink. Another sweetness, lighter: Want to do nothing , a small detour in the countryside on a hot summer day; a beautiful eulogy of laziness.

Mouse, fish, rabbits … his eternal animal accomplices are present throughout the disc. Basically, they are there to evoke with lightness the human condition and the absurdity of existence.

Since The Birds Ball , received as a spring bouquet in 1993, the songwriter with a neglected pace has managed to mark his own path of casual and playful scenarios, while ignoring the fashions. Above all, do not break our head, let alone break our ears, with tearful. Twenty-six years and many adventures later (and a vermeil medal of the French Academy), the eternal adulescent still has this rare quality: to be inimitable.

Source: Thomas Fersen: all he has left is his slip!

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