“We’ll end up together”: nine years later, the band of “little handkerchiefs” is back

These reunions with the happy band of “Little handkerchiefs”, we waited with some impatience. While fearing that the charm operates less nine years later. And that’s what happens. Blame it on a lazy scenario.

Max (François Cluzet) is spinning bad cotton. Depressed, ruined, he is preparing to sell his holiday home quietly, without talking to his ex (Valerie Bonneton). But for the discretion, it’s missed: it’s right the moment that the band of friends lost sight of for years has chosen to come and celebrate his birthday and seal the reunion. Discomfort.

They are all there, a little older, a little thick for some … Vincent (Benoît Magimel), Marie (Marion Cotillard), Eric (Gilles Lellouche), Antoine (Laurent Lafitte), Isabelle (Pascale Arbillot) … Only Ludo, gone in the first part, misses the call. But Jean Dujardin will still give us a little wink at the end of the film.

All these actors are visibly happy to meet, in the beautiful setting of Cap Ferret, under the direction of their comrade Guillaume Canet. No surprise, the recipe is the same: the film of friends, his good vibrations, his well-identified characters to whom we clung, laughter, emotion, tears.

Scripture laziness

We will not sulk his pleasure when it works (sometimes), it’s good “feel good movie” … But, too often, the film is a victim of its scriptwriting laziness, the ease in which dark a staged little concern of realism (the bursting of Jose Garcia, guest-star of the act 2) and who uses his rare fulgurances to the rope.

In the genre, the reference is the school Yves Robert – Jean-Loup Dabadie (“An elephant, it cheats enormously”, “We’ll all go to heaven” …), and his band of great actors: Rochefort , Bedos, Brasseur, Lanoux, Villalonga … And clearly, in the Canet version, we are far from this level of play, both in the actors as in the director-screenwriter.

The way to highlight the dramatic moments, already thick in “The Handkerchiefs”, does not escape this version 2019. The density of powerful scenes and / or really funny moments is too weak. The film stretches softly, accolades in braces, one squeezes very strong and very long, to say that one loves oneself or that the flame is back. So, the 2:15 of the film seem very long.

Marion Cotillard and Laurent Lafitte in \ "Nous & nbsp; finalons ensemble \"

Source: “We’ll end up together”: nine years later, the band of “little handkerchiefs” is back

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