Cannes 2019: Dujardin, Luchini, the zombies of Bonello and Zahia at the Directors’ Fortnight 


Paolo Moretti, the successor to Edward Waintrop, head of the parallel section of the Cannes Film Festival, unveiled his first selection. This 51st edition, from May 15 to 25, is characterized by increasing titles and a strong delegation of French films that, for many, flirt with the fantastic or a singular universe.

Twenty-six feature films For his first selection at the Directors’ Fortnight, Paolo Moretti, defector of the La Roche-sur-Yon International Film Festival, who also worked for the Venice Film Festival, did not skimp on quantity. This number is well above the average of previous editions. At the press conference held again this Tuesday, April 23 at the Forum des Images, the new delegate general said that of all the feature films selected, sixteen will see their authors land for the first time on the Croisette. “The Directors’ Fortnight also has the role of bringing in new directors,” said Moretti.

Seven French films are part of this selection, opened Wednesday, May 15 by Quentin Dupieux’s Le Suede with Jean Dujardin and Adele Haenel and closed by Yves de Benoît Forgeard ( Gaz de France ) whose dare we hardly dare to pitch. Because Yves is none other than a smart refrigerator supposed to simplify the life to the hero Jerem (William Lebghil). In this comedy about rap and star-up, we also find Philippe Katerine and Doria Tillier.

Doria Tillier et William Lebghil ont un frigo plein... de ressources!
The presence of Dupieux and Forgeard brings folly to this selection in which Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe are particularly expected with The Lighthouse by Robert Eggers, “a film that takes place on a distant and mysterious island of the nineteenth century,” said the coach.

Just as expected, ex-escort girl Zahia Dehar, one of the heroines of The Easy Girl,Rebecca Zlotowski’s new filmThe Franco-Algerian, pastry ephemeral and lingerie designer, who had made headlines in the affair that bears his name and which involved two footballers of the France team (finally relaxed), will inevitably talk about the Fortnight this year .

On the French side always, Bertrand Bonello returns with Zombi child , an anthropological and fantastic story that questions this fantastic genre. While Nicolas Pariser continues his very personal exploration of the French political life in Alice and the mayor , in which Fabrice Luchini (disillusioned politician) gives the reply to Anaïs Demoustier, young philosopher charged with requinqué our ailing , Oleg of Juris Kusietis ‘Interest in the descent into hell of a detached worker is already announced, and a few days of the poll, May 26, as “one of the discoveries of this selection.” In the radius of curiosities, we find Dog do not wear pants, a Scandinavian film about “rebirth through extreme sadomasochistic practices”.

Will Fabrice Luchini regain his taste for politics thanks to Anaïs De

For his second feature film, Shahrbanoo Sadat performs The Orphanage action in Kabul “and plays with the influence of Hollywood cinema.”

Cette 51e édition est aussi marquée par des retours de cinéastes qui
connaissent déjà la Quinzaine. C’est le cas de la réalisatrice afghane Shahrbanoo Sadat mais aussi Takashi Miike, preuve que le successeur d’Édouard Waintrop a décidé d’élargir sa sélection à tous les genres et à tous les continents du cinéma d’auteur.

Dans le cadre de la Quinzaine, le réalisateur américain John Carpenter, maître du fantastique, recevra le Carrosse d’or, prix annuel décerné par la Société française des Réalisateurs de films (SRF).

Since 2002, the filmmakers of the SRF have distinguished one of their peers at the opening of the Fortnight, which will also be marked by a masterclass of the American Robert Rodriguez and the presentation of a medium-length film by Luca Guadagnino, the director of Call me by your name , with a hollywodian cast led by Julianne Moore.

List of films from the 51st edition of Directors’ Fortnight

Feature films


The Duke of Quentin Dupieux


Yves de Benoît Forgeard


Alice and the Mayor of Nicolas Pariser

And Then We Danced by Levan Akin

Ang Hupa (The Halt) of Lav Diaz

Canción sin nombre ( Song Without a Name ) by Melina León

Give Me Liberty by Kirill Mikhanovsky

Ghost Tropic of Bas Devos

Hatsukoi (First Love) by Takashi Miike

Huo zhe chang zhe (To Live to Sing) by Johnny Ma

Koirat eivät käytä housuja (Dogs Do not Wear Pants) from Jukka-Pekka Valkeapää

The Lighthouse by Robert Eggers

Lillian by Andreas Horwath

Oleg of Juris Kursietis

We’re going to fart Lech Kowalski

Particles of Blaise Harrison

Parwareshgah (The orphanage) of Shahrbanoo Sada t

Perdrix (working title) by Erwan Le Duc

Por the dinero (For the Money) by Alejo Moguillansky

Sick Sick Sick by Alice Furtado

Tlamess by Ala Eddine Slim

An easy girl from Rebecca Zlotowski

Wounds of Babak Anvari

Zombi Child by Bertrand Bonello

Special session

Masterclass Robert Rodriguez followed by Red 11

The staggering girl by Luca Guadagnino

Short and medium length

Two Sisters Who Are Not Sisters by Beatrice Gibson

The Extraordinary Misadventures of Gabriel Abrantes’ The Marvelous Misadventures of the Stone Lady

Big Bouquet of Nao Yoshigai

Hãy Tinh Thuc Và San Sàng (Stay Awake, Be Ready) from Pham Thien An

I want you from Sergio Caballero

Movements of Dahee Jeong

Olla of Ariane Labed

Piece of Meat by Jerrold Chong and Huang Junxiang

Morgan Simon’s Ghost Pleasure

The Staggering Girl by Luca Guadagnino

That Which Is to Come Is Just Promised by Flatform

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