When the French song takes folk colors: 6 young artists to discover

The new French scene has its roots in various Anglo-Saxon musical influences, be it rock, pop, rap. More and more, there are new artists who bring a folk color to their songs, as in their time Hugues Aufray, Graeme Allwright, Malicorne or Francis Cabrel. Overview of their heirs.

1 Leila and The Koalas – “In the mountains”

Originally from Rennes, the trio Leïla and The Koalas  mix Irish and French influences . The texts in both English and French are carried by typically folk and bluegrass arrangements (acoustic guitar, banjo and bass) inspired by the singer’s travels across the Atlantic. The themes are profoundly human, like this hymn to tolerance: “What I am”

And the voices harmonize beautifully, as for example on the sublime ” Everything ” or ” My Pa”. The last album “In the Mountains” was released in 2018 at “Allez là! Productions”. The group is currently on tour , and will come out of our borders to visit Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands.

2 Julie Meyer – “Fragile mood”

Intimate texts and melancholy, but never lead, this is what offers the young Toulouse Julie Meyer . The sober arrangements navigate between pop and folk. So the beautiful “Your songs resound” that makes you want to sit by the fireside.

But other titles like “The thorns” or “I rattle” counterbalance nostalgia and bring a touch lighter. Julie Meyer will release her first self-produced EP “Humeur fragile” on March 22, and we can go see her  on stage in Paris and in the provinces .

3 Auren – “Number”

Born in Lyon, Auren  was first a pianist, and with various musical adventures has already had the opportunity to ensure the first parts of billboards as Chris Isaak or Francis Cabrel, and more recently Olivia Ruiz. In 2016 she proposes some models of her new songs to the musicians of the group Calexico, come to play in Lyon. And the approach is bearing fruit: the band of Tucson has just made his new album released on February 1 at Bellevue Music. Watch the first single “Moi Jane” freshly posted this morning:

The 11 tracks of the album were worked during live sessions in the studio, and we feel this spontaneity, this freshness, which give life to the gallery of portraits depicted in the texts. The lyrics reflect a strong personality. A will that has allowed him to make his way in music to Arizona. Back in France, Auren is currently playing his album on tour .

4 The Flying Caribou – “Yapadam”

Who says folk says commitment, whether social, political or in favor of the environment as is the case with the duo The Caribou Flying . This Franco-Quebec meeting composes, writes and plays a repertoire presented as “biological song”! The title of the last album “Yapadam the logical echo” leaves no doubt in the topics discussed: global warming, the fragile destiny of animals on the verge of extinction on our polluted planet or the future of agriculture face multinationals like Monsanto. Music brings together folk, swing, gypsy jazz and reggae

Anxious to transmit its message to new generations, The Caribou Volant offers shows for young audiences: Yapado Yapadam . In concert, the two artists instill a lot of humor in their songs .
The album “Yapadam” (Inouïe Distribution) was released in September 2018, and we can see the duo on stage in different cities . It is also scheduled to festival off Avignon, from July 5 to 28.

5 Ladylike Lily – “Echoes”

Under the sweet pseudonym of Ladylike Lily hides Orianne Marsilli, multiple artist: singer and musician, she also makes her clips and illustrations of her booklets. His new album “Echoes” (Patchrock / The Other Distribution), scheduled for March 1, is a musical tale for children. It tells the journey of initiatory Lily, born in a dull world in black and white, who decides to go quest missing colors.

Bathed in soaring atmospheres, the beautiful vocal harmonies tell us this dreamlike story and reflection on femininity and ecology. “Echoes” has been on show since last year and continues today. This visual story will be presented at Printemps de Bourges.

6 Baptiste W. Hamon – “I’m burning”

Originally from Châblis, Baptiste W. Hamon descends from a Texan lineage, and his musical influences are immediately affected. The appeal of the great outdoors and a voice-guitar-harmonica acoustic formula in the pure tradition of overseas songwriters. For this new single “Je burnle”, which announces an upcoming album, the singer has decided to bring a slight touch of pop with enveloping keyboards and a discrete rhythm.

A happy, remote, isolated contemplation in the Yonne, Texas, Norway …

Source: When the French song takes folk colors: 6 young artists to discover

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