A photographer from Caen wants to show the true face of the homeless

The photographer Florence Grall is currently exhibiting her portraits of SDF at Lux cinema, a pose before and after a makeover to change the look of these people that we sometimes meet every day in Caen.

Homeless Fixed to both faces is what wanted to show Florence Grall, photographer, she invited the homeless she met every day in the streets of Caen to pose for her before and after a day of makeover 

On the left, a woman with a hollow face, hidden under a cap and layers of big dark sweaters, ” there we are in front of Michelle , explains Florence Grall who visits us, Michelle is a little our mascot! the oldest she is 71 years old, when we offered her to spend the day with us she did not want and then we discovered that it was the day of her birthday “. In the picture on the right, Michelle is transformed into her green top , lipstick and pearl necklace, “Catherine the hairdresser really did a little grandmother’s hairstyle, with a styling we did makeup too. Michelle cried at the end of the day, adds Florence Grall, we all felt Michelle’s children during that day! 

Michelle - None
Michelle – Florence Grall – rights reserved

The idea of ​​the project was to show this dignity in everyone – Florence Grall, photographer

This day, Bruno, Guy, Cindy or Alain also participated. Fourteen men and women to whom Florence Grall the Caen photographer and her friends offered pedicure sessions, facial massage, hairstyle, hot meal and even hot shower . ” It has been a sweet break from day to day ,” explains Florence Grall. ” The idea of ​​the project was to be able to show this dignity in everyone.When we are under layers of clothing, unshaven, not wearing, it is not the true face of the human being behind.“We are also struck by the ephemeral side of these photos, but the artist assures, it is she and her friends who were the saddest to see the homeless homeless. Today they kept in contact with some of them , others unfortunately died, another one, came out of the street.

Jean-Jacques, called "Beko" - None

Between the two photos, left-right, before-after, the photographer has no more illuminated the “new faces”, she assures, they illuminate themselves ” It’s the impression that it gives but it’s just that on the right, they are beautiful, so they have more raised face, when you raise your chin immediately the light clings more easily “. Frank smiles, soft looks, which sometimes say a lot about the experience.

Philippe, a visitor is very moved. ” It’s another look, we do not necessarily wear when we walk in the street.” We do not imagine that the lady with her little pearl necklace can live on the street for years. touching, on one side we see a homeless and then next, a small granny all spruce! “With this project, the artist Florence Grall hopes to reach as many and give, why not, the desire to help a little one or that we cross for example in shopping: this face darkened by the street but so bright in reality.

Source: A photographer from Caen wants to show the true face of the homeless

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