With The Limiñanas, rock made in Perpignan has no borders

Since 2009, The Limiñanas has been widening the furrow, without turning a corner, of an intelligent rock where their musical and cinematographic references are the foundations of a music that is renewed on each album.

Shadow People’s last Limiñanas album released at the beginning of the year 2018, is one of those albums that we put back on the turntable again and again.

Their first recordings took place outside of our home, at the Amerlocks. Since they joined a French label (Because), The Limiñanas have set foot in a starter that has allowed them to finally come out in the open.

Lionel (guitar / bass) and Marie (drums / percussion), founded this band in 2009, after being garage rock activists in their home region. Depending on their project, the group grows. A creativity with variable geometry, which requires creating a showcase for each song, hypnotic often, and unconventional all the time.

For this new album, The Limiñanas went to record in Berlin at Anton Newcombe (Brian Jonestown Massacre) who pushes the voice on “Istanbul Is Sleepy”,  note also the participation of Emmanuelle Seigner on “Shadow People” , Bertrand Belin on “Sunday”, and Peter Hook on “The Gift” . Doing what you want, without worrying about the rules of this job is good. The Limiñanas are the proof.

Source: With The Limiñanas, rock made in Perpignan has no borders

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