“FOLK” by Nolwenn Leroy: “Nostalgia is what characterizes me”

Nolwenn Leroy has chosen to collect in an album all his Madeleines of Proust. These folk songs of the 70s she loves since childhood. A tribute to the French artists who inspired him, such as Nino Ferrer, Jacques Higelin or Francis Cabrel. Thirteen times that make up “Folk”.”

I like to dive back into my memories, into this music of the past, which makes it easier to face the present, which is sometimes difficult,” explains  Nolwenn Leroy  on the 19/20 stage of France 3 Paris-Ile-de-France. An assumed nostalgia, almost a trademark. “Nostalgia is what characterizes me,” she explains. Her powerful yet gentle voice pays tribute to those French songs that have rocked her younger years and still follow her.

Songs that do good

Folk, Nolwenn Leroy fell in when she was small. And as with her Brittany is never far away, she reminds that in France one of the pioneers of this musical genre is none other than Alan Stivell. This project is a bit of a continuation of his work on the album “Bretonne”. “These are songs that have the power to warm the soul and the heart, songs that do good.” Among the titles on offer, Nino Ferrer’s “La Rua Madureira”, “Diabolo-mint” by Yves Simon, “I loved you, I love you, and I will love you” by Francis Cabrel, or ” So Far Away From LA “by Nicolas Peyrac. Nolwenn Leroy will return on stage from March to discover “Folk” to the public. 

Source: “FOLK” by Nolwenn Leroy: “Nostalgia is what characterizes



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