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Jeanne Louise Galice, besser bekannt als Jain, verbrachte den Großteil ihrer Jugend im Ausland, da ihr Vater in der Ölindustrie arbeitete und deshalb oft

[TRANSLATED] Jeanne Louise Galice, better known as Jain , spent most of her youth abroad, as her father worked in the oil industry and therefore had to move often. In November 2015, the French singer released her debut album “Zanaka”, which means “child” in Malagasy and is a homage to her mother, of French-Malagasy origin.

Three years after the first work, his successor is now published with ” Souldier “. Recorded in Paris and produced by Maxim Nucci, various influences also appear on the upcoming record. Why the different rhythms are as important as the music helps her through difficult times and why she is skeptical of social media, told us the 26-year-old singer in the MusikBlog interview.

MusikBlog: Most of your youth has been spent exploring new cultures. How did time remain for the music during the whole processions?

Jeanne Louise: I have always been a big fan of music. Already at the age of 4-5 I started to listen to music, then to play the drums at the age of 6 and in general there was a lot of time dedicated to music in my family and in my circle of friends.

In the time that you speak about, music has taken on a completely different role for me. I had a hard time finding myself, discovering myself as a new person. By moving from country to country, I had to leave my friends behind and make new friends every time. I had to change my home again and again. Although it was a great time from the outside, it was hard for me.

MusikBlog: And the music helped?

Jeanne Louise: Exactly. I needed something that followed me at every turn. In the music I found my constant, a place where I could always feel secure. I could feel at home anytime, anywhere, I just had to make music.

MusikBlog: Would you have started with the music if you had only lived in the south of France?

Jeanne Louise: I do not know if I would have started making music myself if I had not traveled so much. The many journeys are what make up my music and my style. Through my songs I want to tell people my story. The story of growing up in different countries and always having to re-live.

MusikBlog: The story of how a French girl spoke English in a foreign country.

Jeanne Louise: Yes! (laughs) That’s why I sing in English too. Apart from the fact that I have always heard more English and American music than French, English is also the language of travel. That’s how you communicate around the world. And as my songs sing of traveling, it was natural for me to tell my story in English.

MusikBlog: And why the many different rhythms?

Jeanne Louise: I lived in Dubai for a while and then went to Abu Dhabi for my graduation. During this time I was very inspired by the music in the countries. However, I have the feeling that, for example, African or Arabic influences find little attention in today’s modern music. That’s why I’m incorporating them to pay attention to them as well.

MusikBlog: After your debut album has already dealt with your years from 16 to 22, what stage of life is “Souldier” about?

Jeanne Louise: My goal was to release this album as soon as possible. On my first record, I really took a lot of time to cover the part of your life you mentioned earlier. With “Souldier” I wanted to show my current status, my life now as a 26-year-old woman. That’s why everything had to go a little faster.

MusikBlog: Are there any new influences?

Jeanne Louise: Yes, I’ve also included more hip-hop, for example, because I’ve been hearing this for a few years now. In the past, my influences included artists like Bob Marley , currently I hear a lot Kendrick Lamar or Gorillaz .

Contentwise it concerns social topics from the everyday life, things, which one feels as normal citizens. I rarely sing about politics, there is not much that inspires me. To be honest, I do not want to be more involved in politics, I do not want to teach people about life. Rather, I want to strengthen them and create a little place of peace in this crazy world.

MusikBlog: A crazy world, but in the end everything becomes ” Alright “.

Jeanne Louise: That’s right! (laughs) I love motivating myself with songwriting. Although I like to play shows and inspire people with my music, I sometimes have a bad mood and am sad. After all, this life is also exhausting. At such moments it helps a lot to make music. I try to heal myself by writing songs. It’s like a therapy.

“Alright” actually wrote for a friend. I wanted to encourage her in a special way and tell her that she is a strong woman and does not need a man by her side to do what she wants.

MusikBlog: For this reason, the women’s power in the music video?

Jeanne Louise: Exactly! (laughs) I wanted to write a song for my girlfriend, but also a track to all the women out there. I want to encourage and remind everyone to be themselves, to be independent. It is your life, be yourself!

MusikBlog: “Stand up or they’ll take your rights” is the title of “Stars”. Is this about the pressure of label and management?

Jeanne Louise: Yes, it’s about the music industry. It is something that is really strange. When you write songs, you write about yourself. And then having people to give advice on personal life is so funny. Luckily I found a good team that respects me and lets me do what I want, it’s really fun!

MusikBlog: You also sing the social media.

Jeanne Louise: Right, to be honest, I make fun of it a bit. It has changed a lot. Nowadays, social media has taken a whole new position. We all want to be stars and therefore present ourselves on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. It is strange to reveal strangers to your world.

I actually think Instagram is the most dangerous. All these people, who live on the pictures a supposedly perfect life, can be very depressing for those who can not have such a lifestyle. Even though you may know that it is not real, you can see all the dreams and dream yourself. Instagram can be really frustrating and dangerous, especially for young people. That’s why I’m a bit skeptical of the platform.

MusikBlog: But it can also be dangerous for yourself if everything goes too well.

Jeanne Louise: Exactly, that’s why I always try to remind myself: “Do not be proud if you gain, nor be sorry if you lose.”. When you make music and it starts to work well, it’s easy to think you’re special. But that’s just not true. After all, we just make music – we do not save the world, we do not cure cancer, or we do not redeem people from their suffering.

It’s about the music and the fun behind it. I’m really proud of my debut album and I’m looking forward to the upcoming record. But if it’s not recorded the way I want it to be, that’s OK, I’m still here and making music. Sometimes it is important to remember to stay on the ground of the facts.

MusikBlog: Thank you for the interview.

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