National Wine & Cheese Day: best pairings

The saying is — “when in Rome.” But today, we should really be looking to France.

“The French, we are lucky enough to have more than 365 variety of cheese. So every day. Every lunch and dinner we have a piece of cheese,” says Farmer and Frenchman owner Hubert Mussat.365 days of wine and cheese make the French the experts.We dropped by Farmer and Frenchman for the inside scoop on pairing — the gouda, the brie, and the bleu.

Best wine pairings:

  • Jalapeno, or anything spicy, goes best with sweet wine
  • Riesling pairs best with spicy foods and cheeses
  • Chardonnay does well with hard cheeses
  • Sauvignon Blanc is best with seafood, not cheese
  • Red wines pair well with soft cheese like fontina and brie

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Bon Appétit!

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