Laetitia Dosch, le goût du malaise – TROISCOULEURS

A bearded realistic singer, a nude theater fighter wearing a python, an extraterrestrial man with twisted gestures, a false comic … The main actress of La Bataille de Solferino , who likes to put her audience to the test, has a reckless career as a performer. Expansive and passionate, she told us her crazy adventures

Before interviewing Laetitia Dosch, we hang out a bit on the Internet to gather some biographical elements. We could see her at the filmmaker Shanti Masud, or in the series So be they on ARTE, she played Shakespeare with Erik Ruf and danced with the Spanish performer La Ribot. On the sites of several dramatic centers, there is also talk of a show entitled Laetitia makes fart, led by a ”  talent mimic  “, a ”  real woman orchestra with irresistible humor  “, which ”  could be as small as – daughter of Hara-Kiri as Jim Carrey’s niece  . The presentation text is full of superlatives: ”  nonsensical madness  “, ”  tonic  “, ”  ” droll “, ”  smashing humor  “, ”  surrealist

” … It’s almost indigestible as the entire lexical field of humor passes. And it’s a bit suspicious, too [ . . . ]

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