Mireille Darc: the most beautiful roles of the great grasshopper

Mireille Darc, who just left us at the age of 79, was able to invent in the 60s a new kind of woman liberated with mutinous charm under the leadership of Georges Lautner and Michel Audiard. In the second part of her career, influenced by Delon, she encamped darker roles as in Ice Breasts .

A film gave him her nickname. In 1965, Mireille Darc became the great grasshopper forever. An actress apart from the crazy chic that sticks perfectly to her time. Men, and not just anyone, would transform her into a symbol of the liberated woman who would take power in the 1970s.

After a few appearances in the early 1960s, Mireille Darc became famous with the comedy Pouic-Pouic by Jean Girault. She is Patricia Monestier, the half-ingenious, half-sophisticated daughter of a businessman who [ . . . ]

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