Review: Two Animated Orphans Make Their Way to Paris in ‘Leap!’

Nit-picking will get you nowhere with the target audience of “Leap!,” an animated movie for tweens — they’re unlikely to care about critical quibbles. As for the adults who’ll get dragged to the theater: You’ve seen it all before, though it’s pleasant enough to watch again.Beginning at a French orphanage sometime around the 1880s, this good-natured tale finds 11-year-old Félicie (voiced by Elle Fanning) and her friend Victor (Nat Wolff) ready to run away to Paris, where she hopes to become a ballerina and he an inventor. After this generic pair is chased by the orphanage overseer (Mel Brooks, criminally underused) they arrive in the big city [ . . . ] Read Complete NYTimes Review

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