Grand Corps Sick: from slam to big screen

Fabien Marsaud’s name may not tell you much. And for good reason, this name is hidden behind that of Grand Corps Malade, the slammer to the five albums, but also the co-director of the film “Patients” presented in preview at the Festival of Film of Love which takes place until Friday at Mons, Belgium.

Victim of a sports accident at the age of 20, Fabien Marsaud finds himself quadriplegic incomplete, forcing him to review the copy of his life. For him, 1997 will be the year of change, of a new beginning. He will swap the basketball against the ballpoint pen. A conversion he will undertake successfully. He will now be called Grand Corps Malade.

His handicap, Fabien spoke in his slam “The Sixth Sense”. But in 2012, he wants to talk more about it through his book “Patients”, which now enjoys a cinematographic adaptation. The talent of Grand Corps Malade is reflected through the writing of the script and its co-realization with its longtime accomplice Medhi Idir. With modesty and strength, the duo of directors moved all the festival-goers of the Festival of the Film of Love of Mons where it was presented in preview [ . . . ]

Full Interview: Grand Corps Sick: from slam to big screen [interview]

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