Chanson Du Jour: Viens Sur la Montagne

Chanson Du Jour 11/21/2014: Marie Laforêt “Viens sur la montagne”

Marie Laforêt  was very popular entertainer in France during the 1960s  and 1970s. Like many European actresses of her day, she also recorded music. As a singer, Laforêt broke somewhat from the whispery style of Hardy and Birkin, and although she had hardly a great voice, it was one well suited to the folk and traditional songs she recorded in her early career.

Laforêt also had pretty good taste in music, recording the beautiful Peruvian traditional song El Condor Pasa four years before Simon & Garfunkel’s version.

The spiritual/protest song “Go Tell it On the Mountain” (“Viens Sur la Montagne) is the first track of this 1964 album by the same name.

Laforêt was not a recorder-playing, clog-dancing folkie. She recorded a nice version of the Stone’s “Paint It Black” in 1966, and acted in over 25 films, including Fucking Fernard in 1987.

She may be the only performer to record “El Condor Pasa” and appear in Fucking Fernard, but I will check with Paul Simon to confirm.

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