Jean-Jacques Perrey, 1929–2016

Jean-Jacques Perrey, French composer and electronic music pioneer, died Friday at his home in Switzerland. He had been ill with lung cancer.

Perrey first started recording electronic music in 1952, long before the Moog synthesizer was first made for sale in 1967. His synthesizer music was featured on The Simpsons, and South Park. Perrey was also featured prominently at Disneyland and Disney World, where his “Baroque Hoedown” played over the Main Street Electrical Parade.

I have never been to either Disneyland or Disney World, but I have been to Paris, where Perrey was born, and to New York, where he lived during the 1960s, and produced 1966’s The In Sound From the Way Out. 

Below is a clip from the American TV show I’ve Got a Secret, with the great Steve Allen hosting. You may also recognize panelists Betsy Palmer, Bill Cullen, Bess Myerson, and of course, Henry Morgan. Check out the incredible song at 07:40. If they would play this song at Mass, I would have never stopped going to church.

Rest in Peace, Jean-Jacques.

Jean-Jacques Perrey featured on  I’ve Got A Secret TV Show

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