“Simple passion”, stars Laetitia Dosch

“From September last year, I did nothing but wait for a man to call me and come to my house. 

The singular voice of Laetitia Dosch recites the words written by Annie Ernaux in “Simple Passion”novel from which this film is adapted. How to put in images the expectation, the amorous obsession?

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To give substance to the tenuous sentences of Ernaux, Danielle Arbid dwells on the bodies. That of Laetitia Dosch, in particular, filmed as Deneuve in “Belle de jour”. Blonde, bourgeois, submissive to her desire for a man who is not even her type: she is a teacher; he, Alexander (played by Russian dancer Sergei Polunin), likes cars and Putin.

More than in the sex scenes, it is in the moments of solitude that the passion radiates, transfiguring the face of the actress. To the point of resembling, disturbingly in some shots, Annie Ernaux. A solar and sensual film.

Source: California18


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