Zaz: “Isa”: Her new album almost didn’t come out!

For the release of her new album, the singer reconsiders her absence.

After three years of silence , Zaz, or rather Isa, is back . Because the 41-year-old singer returns with a fifth album that bears her name, finally her diminutive “Isa”. The one called Isabelle Geffroy in the city explains in the columns of Gala having chosen Zaz  “as an artist’s name to protect me, to dissociate who I am from my public figure. A way, too, to protect myself from possible attacks . ”  A kind of alter-ego which was very useful to him when success fell on him, as unexpected as it was triumphant, upon the release of his first single “Je J’aime” in 2010. Not enough perhaps, since the artist , known internationally, does not take the pressure well:Three years ago, I almost wanted Zaz to die “she  confesses.

The musician has thus known, like many others before her, an episode of depression and exhaustion linked to celebrity : ” I was tired, exhausted. I had to go on tour again and, for the first time, I was says: ‘No, it is not possible!’ “. Close to burn-out, Zaz offered to rest after a nice meeting : ” I wanted to build with him, take time”. Calm and in love, the artist was ready to get back to work when “confinement arrived “! A shame that she finally experienced as an unexpected opportunity: ” the experience was ultimately very beneficial”.

Time, calm and hindsight: the best recipe for coming back to the forefront with a project that Zaz herself describes on her Twitter account as ” very intimate, gentle, nuanced and benevolent which I hope will help you. will accompany in your moments of life. ”  In addition to the first single “Imagine” unveiled in September, there is a great collaboration with  Till Lindemann of the group Rammstein.

Source: Zaz: “Isa”: his new album almost never came out!


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