Felicità trailer

How often do you meet a child eager to get back to school after the summer holidays? Not often. Yet, in the tender and suspenseful comedy Felicità, that’s exactly what Tommy wants.

For freshly out of jail Tim (Pio Marmaï, The Trouble with You – SFFF 2019, Back to Burgundy – MiniFest 2017) and his wife Chloé (Camille Rutherford), happiness is living day by day, on the edge, joking and singing out loud, without being burdened by responsibility or constraint. But their daughter, Tommy (Rita Merle), is growing up and craves a normal life. Tomorrow, summer is over, Tommy is entering middle school and her parents have made her a promise: this year, she won’t miss the first day of school.

Felicità takes place over 24 hours like a race against the clock: will Tommy get to school on time? The film is largely told through her eyes, taking us on the rollercoaster ride that is her life and letting us see the imaginative ways in which she copes. Tim and Chloé are reckless, and Tommy often seems more adult than they are. But despite how chaotic and unconventional their family life is, there’s no doubting the love that binds them.

This tender, feel-good comedy is grounded by the performance of the director’s own daughter, the young Rita Merle. With a cameo by French rapper Orelsan, a huge star in France.


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