Francis Cabrel in concert in Paris and on tour in 2021

As part of the publication at the end of 2020 of his brand new disc titled “At the Returning Dawn” (opus featuring the hit “Te Ressembler”, among others …), the ever popular Francis Cabrel will perform live during eagerly awaited concerts at the Folies Bergère (Paris) from January 13 to 19, 2021 at 7 p.m. then will be on a French tour indoors in early 2021 then in festivals during the summer of 2021: Festival Pause Guitare, Festival de Nîmes, Festival de Carcassonne etc. .

All the live appointments with Francis Cabrel scheduled for 2021 are listed on his artist sheet, accessible via the link below …

List of titles of the album “At the coming dawn”:
The beautiful moments are too short
Look like you
The melted candles
To the poles
Fort Alamour
Rockstars of the Middle Ages
People of the fountains
Let’s talk
At the coming dawn
Song for Jacques
I was listening to Sweet Baby James
Hard to believe
Ode to courtly love

:Source: Francis Cabrel in concert in Paris and on tour in 2021


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