French cinema club for English speakers goes online – but not for viewing in U.S.

Cinema lovers who struggle to watch French movies without English subtitles may rejoice as Lost in Frenchlation is setting up virtual screenings starting this Friday.


What is happening?

Lost in Frenchlation, a cinema group that regularly screens French films with English subtitles in Paris, will host its first virtual screening on Friday, November 27th, at 8pm.

“These virtual screenings will take place every Friday until cinemas reopen,” Manon Kerjean, Founder of Lost in Translation, told The Local.

Which film is on this week?

Friday’s film is called À cœur battant (The End of Love) and tells the story of a couple that must embark on a long distance relationship where their conversations are reduced to video calls.

A fuller description of the – arguably very timely – film is available on the Facebook event (link here).

The screening will be followed by a discussion with director Keren Ben Rafael and the scriptwriter.

Who can access?

The screening will be limited to France only, so those interested must confirm their location in order to purchase tickets.

Tickets cost €5 and can be found here.

What is Lost in Frenchlation?

Lost in Frenchlation is a company that sets up screenings of recent French film releases with English subtitles to give Paris’s large international community access to French culture and meet others in the same situation.

Usually the events are always preceded with drinks (including a cocktail inspired by the film), but since Covid-19 forced cinemas across France to close their doors that has no longer been feasible.

On the plus side, these new virtual screenings will be available to all of France, meaning not just Parisians will be able to access new French films with English subtitles.

In addition to the online screenings, Lost in Frenchlation has launched a VOD page (link here) with more than 70 French films available to watch with subtitles in different foreign languages, including, of course, English.

The first movie is free. After that, you may rent or buy the film.

For more information, check out their website or sign up to their newsletter (link here).

Source: French cinema club for English speakers goes online with virtual screenings – The Local


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