Francis Cabrel: “Success allowed me to take time”

“I’m going to be 68 years old, it’s my fourteenth album. My goal is the song, whether it lasts six minutes or a minute and fifty, provided it is well dressed, ”says Francis Cabrel

Francis Cabrel is a rare artist. As much by its production rate – an album every five years – as by its words. This gives all the more weight to his new album, At the Returning Dawn , the fourteenth, and, already, one of the most inspired of a career started more than forty years ago. Record-holder in record sales with Samedi soir sur la terre in 1994, he once again became a less cumbersome craftsman. Inseparable from his village of Astaffort, which he only left for ten years, he polishes his songs with manic care. Never before had he involved his accompanists so much as in this disc which sounds almost like a group work, and allows him to approach new musical forms [ . . . ]

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