Chanson du Jour: “Parlez-moi de lui”

Originally written in 1960 by Jack Diéval with French lyrics by Michel Rivgauche the song that would bcome “Parlez-moi de lui” was first introduced as ‘J’ai le mal de toi’.

In June 1965 the English rendering was retitled to “The Way of Love” and was issued in the UK as a single by Kathy Kirby.

“The Way of Love” failed to reach the UK Top 50 but became a regional hit in the United States reaching #88 nationally.

In 1966 a new French version, also by lyricist Michel Rivgauche, was recorded by Dalida as “Parlez-moi de lui” (“Tell me about him”). This rendition slightly alters the original melody. This adaptation was covered by Françoise Hardy on her 1968 album Françoise Hardy .

The most well-known version of “The Way of Love” was recorded by Cher. Her version spent three weeks within the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100, reaching a peak of number 7 and ultimately selling almost one million copies. Billboard ranked it as the No. 62 song for 1972.


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